Tough Table Episode 7

Tough Table Episode 7

A natural bodybuilding, health, fitness,and weight lifting centered podcast. Sci-Unison Fitness presents the Tough Table Podcast Episode 7. A fitness based podcast that pulls no punches. If you don’t make it to this table, odds are you aren’t tough.

Main Topic 1 covers tips and pointers for those looking for an effective fat loss strategy.

Main Topic 2 covers the importance of a successful and healthy mindset when approaching your fitness goals.
Host – Ryan Sullivan
Co-Host – Sophie Browne

Shauna Koehler
Leroy Hopkins
Marianela Ramos

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Show Rundown

1:15 – New Guest Introductions
7:36 – Topic 1: Effective Fat Loss Strategy
38:11 – Ebby Jean Glam Guide – Simple Contouring
41:04 – Tough Table Trivia Part 1
46:31 – Not NB? Not For Me! – Proprietary Blends
49:25 – Questions from the Audience
1:15:08 – Intermission (Sponsors)
1:16:04 – Topic 2: Successful Mindset Training
1:44:06- Coming Up Wyer
1:45:50- Tough Table Trivia Part 2
1:51:42 – Acupuncture: Theres A Point For That – The Basics

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