Shauna Koehler: Two-Time Undefeated WNBF Bikini World Champion

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Shauna Koehler: Dominating WNBF Bikini History


Shauna Koehler, an unstoppable force, cements her WNBF legacy as the sole back-to-back undefeated WNBF Bikini Overall World Champion. Her journey began in fall 2017 at the INBF Naturalmania, securing her WNBF Bikini Pro Card under Team SUF’s guidance.

Taking the pro stage at the 2017 WNBF Monster Mash, Shauna’s momentum soared with a class victory and her inaugural pro bikini overall win, foreshadowing her triumphant rise to the 2017 WNBF World Championships.

At the pinnacle of competition, the 2017 WNBF World Championships showcased Shauna’s unmatched skill, earning not only her class win but also the coveted Bikini Overall World Title, a remarkable feat.


Undaunted by success, Shauna returned in 2018 with fervor to defend her title. Her journey commenced with a resounding triumph at the 2018 WNBF Pro Universe, seizing both the Pro Bikini title and her WNBF Fitbody Pro Card.

Continuing her pursuit of excellence, Shauna pursued her WNBF Figure Pro Card at the 2018 INBF Granite State Open, marking Team SUF’s 50th Pro Card win.

Anticipation grew for the 2018 WNBF Monster Mash, where Shauna maintained her undefeated streak, clinching her Pro Bikini class and overall title for the second year, setting the stage for an epic showdown at the 2018 WNBF World Championships.

In a moment of triumph, Shauna excelled at the 2018 WNBF World Championships, solidifying her status as the ONLY Two-Time Reigning Defending Undisputed WNBF Bikini Overall World Champion, a testament to her unwavering dedication and unparalleled talent.

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